Sentiment, 4Culture Gallery, Seattle Wa April 2019



In 1973 Federico Fellini combined a Romanoglo phrase:  A m’arcord, (meaning, I remember) into Amarcordto title his semi-autobiographic film. I saw the film in 1993 and the title has captivated me ever since.  It has come to mean  ”nostalgic revocation” in Italian. 


I am interested the artist’s ability to stir something in us through an object they create. “It speaks to me” is a reason often given for why one likes a piece.


The pieces in Sentiment are loosely derived from memories of late night wanderings through neighborhoods, parks and natural areas. 


Some of the works were created with a specific place in mind, while others revealed themselves to fit the theme after the fact.


More than an actual story I am attempting to convey a feeling or mood, possibly a feeling for which we don’t have a word.